The Return Of Lisa Bonet

I must say that my favorite Cosby kids were Denise (Lisa Bonet) and Vanessa (Tempest Bledsoe). I liked Vanessa because she was smart, I liked Denise because she was a free spirit and fashion disaster much like myself throughout the majority of my life.

I was over at The YBF at came across these pictures of Lisa Bonet on the set of her new TV series, Life on Mars. It premiers October 9th on ABC. I am looking forward to seeing her back on screen.

Lisab_2  Lisa_bonet

It always seemed to me of all the Cosby kids actors, Lisa Bonet had the best shot of major movie stardom but I don’t know what happened. Oh yeah, Lenny Kravitz. I guess its never too late to start over.

5 thoughts on “The Return Of Lisa Bonet

  1. I’m with Stan. I think she just went the mother route. Motherhood can change ur goals, priorities, and aspirations and not in a bad way.


  2. I like the “a man making me go crazy” ending to. I have used that excuse a couple times. In actuality. It was just my regular old craziness.


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