Kel Mitchell Is A Fool – A Funny Fool

I must preface this by saying, I only know these characters on Nickelodeon because I have a niece and nephews. Okay, that said, I ran across a video parody of Usher’s Love in Da Club by Kel Mitchell entitled, Love With These Nubs.

I won’t give away the premise to the video. You’ll just have to watch it in all its wacky glory.

Kel Mitchell gained notoriety as an original member of the Nickelodeon hit show All That from 1994-1999. I remember Chili from TLC sang the hook for the intro to that show. This show was mad popular back in the day, kind of like That’s So Raven. Kel then went on to star in the enormously popular spin off, Kenan and Kel, co-starring friend and SNL star Kenan Thompson.

Although not as visible as Kenan, Kel has steadily worked in the industry from cartoon voice overs to movies. He has done several music parodies a la Weird Al Yankovich. Here is an example:

Pure wackiness.

3 thoughts on “Kel Mitchell Is A Fool – A Funny Fool

  1. I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten more work and yet his former partner in crime, Keenan, has been blowing up like he has. Kel was very talented as well. I think he just needed better management

  2. No, I mean talent management. Apparently, Kenan had a good manager to get him in good roles. Has Kel’s manager been on a decade hiatus or something?

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