Morning Crack – TJ Holmes

Lately my blog posts have been way to heavy. After all, Talulazoeapple was started as a pleasant distraction from work. So in an effort to return to my roots, I have returned to my first love, TJ Holmes.

Take a journey with me down the road of all things TJ. Shall we begin?

Tjon_the_phone_2What’s that TJ? Yes. I miss you too. You were only with Chili because of the lure of all her baby hair. I know that’s a common weakness for most men, hence the popularity of lacefronts. Ok. You have to go report on a hurricane. Ok. Don’t blow away.

TjholmesI see you lounging TJ. Taking a break from the rigors of CNN. I too like to relax from my exciting life as a blogger. My couch isn’t as fancy but you know how it is. No tie today? That’s okay, you’re allowed.

Tj_writinf_a_letter Pensively writing me a letter? How thoughtful. The written word is a forgotten art. The weather is pleasant where you are. It has been extremely hot here. Thank God for air conditioning.

I see you are growing out your hair. I love that look on you. I am warning you TJ, if I see even the slighlest semblance of baby hair developing, it’s a wrap.

I can’t wait to see you on Saturday, same time and station, right?Tj_holmes_0212


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