No One Does This To My TJ!!!

I love TJ Holmes as many of you know. This guy is so wrong for this, but I couldn’t help but laugh.

Please forgive me, Mr. Holmes.

Morning Crack – TJ Holmes

Lately my blog posts have been way to heavy. After all, Talulazoeapple was started as a pleasant distraction from work. So in an effort to return to my roots, I have returned to my first love, TJ Holmes.

Take a journey with me down the road of all things TJ. Shall we begin?

Tjon_the_phone_2What’s that TJ? Yes. I miss you too. You were only with Chili because of the lure of all her baby hair. I know that’s a common weakness for most men, hence the popularity of lacefronts. Ok. You have to go report on a hurricane. Ok. Don’t blow away.

TjholmesI see you lounging TJ. Taking a break from the rigors of CNN. I too like to relax from my exciting life as a blogger. My couch isn’t as fancy but you know how it is. No tie today? That’s okay, you’re allowed.

Tj_writinf_a_letter Pensively writing me a letter? How thoughtful. The written word is a forgotten art. The weather is pleasant where you are. It has been extremely hot here. Thank God for air conditioning.

I see you are growing out your hair. I love that look on you. I am warning you TJ, if I see even the slighlest semblance of baby hair developing, it’s a wrap.

I can’t wait to see you on Saturday, same time and station, right?Tj_holmes_0212


I Found TJ Holmes!!!

                                                  Okay. This is quick. I amTj_holmes_021  up getting ready for church and decide to flip on the tube for a little background noise. I must have left the channel on CNN because who do I see to my delight, yes, TJ Holmes. I guess he is doing the Sunday Morning news. Well, praise the Lord and Hallelujah!!!

Where the Heck Is TJ Holmes?

Tj_holmes_021 Forget Carmen Sandiego. Where in the world is TJ Holmes?

Does he have a regular time slot on CNN? Did Anderson Cooper, jealous of TJ’s hotness, lock him in the CNN dungeon? Come on. I thought he was on the Saturday morning news hour but that darn Don Lemon seems to be on there now. Don Lemon is cute but it’s just not the same.

Can anyone understand my plight? If so, send a girl a schedule so that I can get a TJ fix.