Jennifer Hudson Album Cover

Jennifer_hudson This is the album cover for Jennifer Hudson’s September 30 debut release. You can preorder on

I can’t wait for it. I am interested to see the type of songs she has included. She is such a powerhouse and reigning such a voice is not easy.

Will you be buying the CD? Why or why not?

5 thoughts on “Jennifer Hudson Album Cover

  1. I really wish they wouldn’t have photoshopped her though. She is an attractive woman in the size she is. There was no need to slim her up

  2. It is really photoshopped but nothing is more obvious than the Kelly Clarkson ones. They lopped off a good 50 pounds and a dozen inches on her.

  3. Wow, I thought J Hudson was very attractive the way she was. I guess the Hollywood machine got to her either physically or virtually.

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