Much Ado About Nothing – Lebron James and Vogue

Lebron_and_gorillaI have about had it with Annie Leibovitz (photographer)/Ann Wintour (editor). Preface her name with ‘world renowned’ all you want, her depictions of black celebrities are cheap publicity stunts at best and deplorable at worst. Take this infamous shot.

Well it turns out that the two Annies publicity stunt work of art backfired. This issue turned out to be the LOWEST selling cover since 2001.

Sometimes things just seem to work out.

5 thoughts on “Much Ado About Nothing – Lebron James and Vogue

  1. SIGH. . .
    There isn’t an American over 30 who doesn’t have the classic image of the ape and the object of his affection, waiting to be saved burned into their DNA.
    The picture we all have reference in some context or another, actually comes from a WWI poster: the German “brute” carrying Lady Liberty in his big grubby hands. Even then the agents of race used this image as a metaphor to illustrate “the dangers of leaving a black man in the company of a white girl,” though the “real” intention was to insult the Kaiser. The meaning behind the metaphor is not lost on Ms. Lebovitz OR Ms. Wintour– they also killed two birds with one stone, consciously or unconsciously.
    Perhaps the reason sales on this cover were so low is reflection of the irrational fears many Americans still nourish within themselves, whether they do so, consciously or not.
    Something that I found just as interesting as the racist implications is the fact that Ms. Leibovitz hasn’t had to produce a completely original image for those Vogue covers in years.
    I found a great article by Jay DeFoore for Pop written April 17, 2006 entitled, “Annie Leibovitz Called Out for ‘Artful Borrowing'” exposing many instances where the famed photographer not only used compositions by DEAD painters, but did so, passing them off as her own with NO MENTION of the connection!
    What would I do if I received boat-loads of cash to produce a cover in seconds, for one of the most popular magazines in the world, that counted on me to help them sell millions of copies??
    I don’t know. . . just about ANYTHING. Probably. But, as amazing as Leibovitz is, copying is still COPYING.
    It seems in the strange case of James and
    B√ľndchen, Ms. Leibovitz did exactly that– she copied in the instance, a distasteful image and Ms. Wintour signed off on it. AGAIN. Except THIS TIME there were CLEAR racial overtones, intentional or unintentional. Ms. Leibovitz wasn’t just reclaiming an image by a painter from the 19th Century. In what looks like an apparent tight pinch for time, because the cover is actually pretty under produced and BLAhhh. . . she used an emotionally and racially-charged and might I add POPULAR bit of poster art that lies dormant in the collective unconscious of our society always waiting to spring into action, like a Tom and Jerry style mouse trap.
    In other words, a few steps forward, a few steps BLACK, in case we were about to forget. . .

  2. Thanks Marya for the inciteful post.
    I did not distinguish between the photographer and the editor so I appreciate the clarification.
    I gave Annie the benefit of the doubt with the Jennifer Hudson photo, but this was too much.
    I just hate the utter ignorance of these rich celebrities who can’t tell when they are being played, notably Lebron.

  3. Hey TalulaZoeApple–
    Well, I DO think the editor and the photographer put their heads together on this, for sure. Maybe Lebron did know he was being played– maybe he wanted the controversy–I mean he WAS on Saturday Night Live, maybe he’s trying to add to his media portfolio, who knows. . .
    What’s the Jennifer Hudson photo thing?

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