Denzel: Old or New?

Denzel_in_white_6 As a reforming serial crusher, I post my crushes on talulazoeapple. I have never mentioned Denzel Washington before, frankly, because he is every woman’s crush. It seems over the years I have re-fallen in crushdom over him throughout different phases of his career. Today, I want to go back circa 1989 to a little known film called the Mighty Quinn.

Why the Mighty Quinn? Denzel in that white captains uniform…need I say more. He plays Xavier Quinn trying to solve a murder. I don’t really remember the plot but I loved him in it. I loved this movie also because it was infused with musical numbers. The stunningly beautiful Sheryl Lee Ralph plays his island love interest. Oh, Denzel’s accent. Loved it!!

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2 thoughts on “Denzel: Old or New?

  1. That’s the one Denzel movie I haven’t seen yet. I didn’t know it had musical numbers?! With that and Denzel working an accent, now I have to check it out very soon

  2. Yeah Stan,
    The original dreamgirl herself, Sheryl Lee Ralph, who is also of Jamiacan descent sings in the movie. Robert Townsend is in it too. You have to check it out.

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