Is Being a Christian Taboo?

While perusing the web for story ideas, I ran across a blog of a lady suffering from cancer. She had a lot of heart felt personal entries. I left a comment that said something to the effect of thanks for sharing your story, have faith in God. Well, I happened upon the blog by chance and the owner had written a response to my comment. She kept the "thanks for sharing your" story part but inserted in italics, religious crap edited out, proselytize on your own blog not mine.

Whoa. I could not believe the hostility.

A. You manage to spew such vile contempt for others trying to offer some support and encouragement.

B. Why post part or any of the comment.

You are right, madame, I do have my own blog. Here I can talk about the goodness of God all day long if I want. Like I said faith moves mountains and God is still in the healing business. I can testify to that. Also, I can pray for you, your health, and salvation.

So, thanks for the inspiration. Be Blessed. TZA

If anyone has been met with hostility for sharing Christ, or your beliefs, please share your story. Thanks.

8 thoughts on “Is Being a Christian Taboo?

  1. Wow. Unbelievable. But you know what? It reminds me of another story a blogging friend of mine had. Her aunt who seemed to be one of the sweetest people in the world ended up dying of cancer. Myself and several others (including the blogger) always wondered why it is that the nice people get cancer and die while child molesters, scumbags and the like continue to live.
    Well, not to evil, but it sounds like this lady is one of the few cancer victims that got what she deserved.

  2. Stan:
    I believe sometime when people suffer they can become bitter and angry. I don’t believe anyone DESERVES cancer. If you don’t have God you have no other foundation than belief in self. If “self” is flawed then you’re in trouble.
    I wish her well. I will pray for her. Maybe this is a lesson God wanted to teach me. How not to be offended so easily.

  3. I encounter people like this all of the time in one of my online groups. We have some serious discussions on this topic, and what saddens me most is the anger and hatred that the people who are non-believers have toward believers. We have been called brainwashed, stupid, and ignorant for believing that there is a higher power. And worse for professing Christianity.
    If a person is that angry and hateful toward people who only want to share compassion and love with them, then they are the ones who need the love of God the most.
    We really only can pray for that lady and people like her and hope that one day they will see the light.
    At this point, cancer is the least of her problems.

  4. I think something really sad is happening in America which is going almost unnoticed. We have harden ourselves to love and kindness. But since so many do not really know God, this is the result. Amazingly, I rarely saw this kind of hardness in Turkey which is about 98% Muslim. My boyfriend who is Turkish surprised me earlier this year when he expressed a desire “to know Isa.” Isa is Turkish for Jesus. I had never really witnessed to him because I did not believe he would have listened. He had been exploring Christianity on his own without me knowing it. He often said I was good, even when I have gotten upset with him. He has told me that when I return to Turkey, he wants us to pray together and go to church every Sunday.
    A lot have happened to make people very wary of Christians. The actions of people in our government who made war on an innocent country did not help. Our president professes to be a Christian. I have never believed he was. Some of the television ministers and others have also hurt with their own monetary version of Christianity. A lot of people talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk it seems. Also there are just some climates which are not receptive to receiving God. It has really happened in America. Souls are not being won here as in the developing world in places like parts of Africa and now even in parts of the Middle East. Turkey is both European and Middle Eastern. I think they are very receptive to the Gospel at this point. I never had problems in Turkey being a Christian. I lived with a Turkish family last year and they surprised me by saying that if I wanted to go to church, they wanted to go with me. There aren’t a lot of Protestant churches there, mostly what is seen is Catholic and Orthodox churches.
    I think in America we are going in the direction of Europe where there is so much atheism and agnosticism. Many churches there have been shut down because of low attendence. There was a lot of turmoil that went on in Europe over the centuries. Many who professed to be Christians were as violent and bloodthirsty as unbelievers.
    We have to get back to our roots as Christians. How we can is to become Biblically literate and knowledgeable of how our Christian ancestors lived their lives for Christ. The church grew like wildfire in its’ first 300 years even though there was often persecution. Millions may have been killed because of their faith. Christianity grows where that is hardship, hopelessness, and lack. In America we have relied on ourselves as individuals and our money. God has been ignored. I think it will take hardship, and it seems like it is really beginning now, for us to look to God again and soften this hardness that we have allowed to creep up us.
    It is really sad about the lady you mentioned. I have been chatting and witnessing some to a young Muslim blogger who wants to know about the faith more. If he is interested and willing to listen, I think we in America have lost more than we ever realized.

  5. Thanks Sincerae,
    Would you mind if I republished your comment as a seperate entry?
    I feel even this lady’s response was ordained. I have received so much positive feedback.

  6. Talula,
    Sure you can:) I think people need to be aware of the possibilities with all of this. This is a time when we can easily lose the Kingdom as Christians and lose those who could have been saved.
    If there are any mistakes in my writing because I write fast and do not take time like I should to edit, by all means correct my mistakes.

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