5 Homemade Hair Recipes

Afro  If you have followed my blog, then you probably know a few things about me. I love TJ Holmes and I have an Afro. To catch up click here and here. I love natural hair but I am by no means militant about it. You do you. But if you are into the natural look here are some tips that may help you maintain a soft and beautiful crown.

1. Warm water and lemon juice – This will rid your hair of product build up and make it ripe for a good conditioning treatment.

2. 3 oz. ratio of distilled water,  2 oz. light conditioner, and 1/2 oz. grape seed oil(may substitute olive oil). Put in a sray bottle and use as a leave-in conditioner or a moisture spritz throughout the day. Motown Girl‘s recipe

3. 1 cup warm water and one tablespoon honey – After shampooing and conditioning add this rinse to hair. DO NOT RINSE. This will add sheen to your hair.

4: warm water and vinegar – This will rid your hair of product build up.

5: Add lemon juice to you conditioner – This will increase absorbency and your hair will feel great.

To all my sistahs, and I say this with love, THROW away the grease!! The mineral oils or petroleum based agents are not absorbed into the hair shaft and they promote bacteria growth. Instead try rubbing a little grapeseed oil on your ends. Wear a stocking cap or silk/satin wrap when you sleep. Your hair will love you for it.

Try it and let me know how these work for you. Leave a comment. Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for the GREAT post and, I love your blog. I’m going to try the honey and water thing– I’ve been looking for a natural alternative to processed products!
    L’Hommage à Lola Falana takes me back. Thanks for that, too.

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