Wentworth Miller Made Me Fall Off The Wagon

MillerI feel like Usher, and these are my confessions. I have never seen Prison Break but apparently, Wentworth Miller is the latest rage in hotness. As a recovering Serial Crusher, I resisted the urge to become the latest Miller stan (stalker+fan).

I have failed. It turns out Miller is the same crush I happened upon while watching The Human Stain back in 2003. He plays the younger version of Anthony Hamilton’s character. Great movie btw, check it out.

Although not quite TJ Holmes, Miller does have a special place in my heart. Did you know he graduated from Princeton University? I know, I can pick the smart guys a mile away.

Oh yeah, and he’s part African American. Leave a comment.

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4 thoughts on “Wentworth Miller Made Me Fall Off The Wagon

  1. Yes, Wentworth is a looker. I was surprised to learn that he is multi-racial. I imagine that he really connected with the Hamilton character given his ethnicity. Must say, however, that I stopped watching Prison Break after the season they actually broke out. Is it still on? What’s happening now if it is.

  2. Wait…why the stalker+fan gotta be called a “stan” though? It’s bad enough Eminem already gave the name a bad rap with his stalker theme song by the same name and now this? We just can’t win….

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