Pauletta Washington Would Never Do This

I was perusing the Internet when I came across an article about Kobe’s wife Vanessa’s run in with a reporter. Laura Lane, the reporter, wrote a piece that included info that Kobe was cheating with an LA Lakers cheerleader who has subsequently dissappeared from the squad.

According to the article, Vanessa is known for rash behavior. I did a little research on her and found that prior to winning the lottery marrying Kobe Bryant this chick was a video girl  backup dancer.

I remember back in the day, I loved Kobe Bryant. He was young and cute. He was to be the next Michael Jordan.Do you remember when he took singer Brandy to prom? A my gosh, I was jealous.

I don’t know Vanessa, maybe she’s a great gal, but why is it that men at the top of their game marry the video girl. Other women who are married to high profile men, e.g. Jada Pinkett Smith, Pauletta Washington, Michelle Obama would never behave so disrespectfully. These women are all educated, driven women. They have more to offer than just a pretty face and long flowing hair.

Just a thought. If you have an opinion,I would like to hear it.

Kobe’s Wife Acts A Fool

2 thoughts on “Pauletta Washington Would Never Do This

  1. It’s obvious Vanessa has issues. Kobe cheats on her with the Colorado chick, buys Vanessa a $10 million dollar ring and everything’s back to being all good.
    So basically, she naturally has just cause to be jealous since her husband can’t remain faithful. And she obviously is only in it for the money so of course she has no drive herself.
    My guess is they have some undisclosed prenup that states the amount of money she would receive at divorce is based on how long they have been married. So she’s trying to hold out and lenghthen that schedule so she can better her payout.

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