Am I Bad?

Bashful Prior to moving to Texas, I worked in an all female office. I know what you may be thinking, but we all REALLY got along. There was myself, another African American, a Mexican, a Coloradoan, an Ecuadorian, and an Italian. I mention this because, the more stories we shared the more I became aware of how similar our experiences were.

Take this one universal fact. We ALL have crazy families that occasionally embarrass us. I recall this one story the Italian girl shared about "a friend’s" mom attempting to be cool.

All through the ’90’s we would say things like "my bad" when someone made a mistake. Well this "cool" mom would say, "Am I bad?" , </insert southern accent>. They all laughed and mom thought she was a sure fire hit. They never corrected her!

I have found myself saying this phrase and cracking up except no one else is in on the joke.

I have told my share of embarrassing mom jokes, but I can’t repeat them here or anywhere. LOL

Am I bad?

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