A Moment in Fiction – Part Three

Ella’s feet barely touched the sidewalk as she made her way home. Mid-stride, she removed her jacket and tied in securely around her neck. Her arms spread as she spun around soaking in the new world. She suddenly felt the urge to touch the sky, high beyond the city’s influence.

In an instant, she was airborne. Fright and excitement tumbled around inside of her. She was flying. Her right sandal fell from her feet. The aluminum roofs were shiny chess markers as she mapped her way around the neighborhood. Three squares over and one square up, Ella spotted to dark figures in an apparent struggle.

“Ah! Help!” one of the figures screamed. Ella took off in its direction.

As Ella landed, she could clearly make out a woman being accosted my a masked man.

“Hey, you. What are you doing?”

The figure pointed a dark object in her direction. In the twinkle of an eye, Ella was nose to nose with him ripping the gun from his fingers. With one punch, he was thrown in the air and into the open dumpster.

Ella helped the woman on her feet.

“Thank you, oh Lord I am glad you came along. How did you do . . .?”

In the blink of an eye, Ella was gone.

As the night wind carried Ella off into the distant sky, she pondered the night’s events. Next time, she thought, I’ll have something more clever to say than ‘Hey, you.’”

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