Viva La Afro!

Vanessa This may be unfair but I am disappointed in a TV actress based on her hairstyle.  I have been growing my hair natural for a few years. Typically, a hairstyle choice should be personal and an easy one to make. But, I met with some serious opposition from family who could not fathom wanting to waste all my ‘good hair’ on a curly ‘fro, when clearly I could wear it straightened and garner so much hair envy.

I looked to the web and media for moral support. There are many actresses who are defiantly natural; Tempest Bledsoe, Cree Summer,T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh, Motown Girl and until yesterday Vanessa Williams (from Soulfood fame).

I was in the grocery store perusing the magazine aisle when I catch a glimpse of Heart & Soul Magazine and literally did a double take when I saw Vanessa Williams in long flowing locks, Goldilocks. For years she rocked her long dreads. There was even an episode of Soulfood when she stood up to her sister Bird who dissed her locks. I guess the business isn’t too favorable to natural girls and many succumb to the pressure to conform.

I guess I am being to hard on her. There are too few strong sistas representing in the industry for me to throw one under the bus for losing the dreads and copping a weave instead. 

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