Lola Falana and Me


Prior to my beloved ‘fro, I had a thing for BIG hair and long flowing dresses. I would wear my locks in big roller sets and 1970’s flips, anything to have that glamorous look. My hairstyle never fit the current trends. It was just BIG. On Sundays and at church events when every other woman would be rocking glittery versions of the suit/skirt, I would waltz in with my colorful flowing dress and of course my BIG hair.


My unique style garnered me the nickname, Lola Falana, from my young cousins. I did a little research on my new found moniker and found out a lot about this Lola.


Currently she resides in Los Angeles, spending her time helping the orphans of sub-Saharan Africa through her apostolate, The Lambs of God Ministry. But in the 1960’s and ‘70’s, she was the chick de jour.


Beginning her career as a dancer, she captured the attention of Sammy Davis Jr. She danced alongside him in the Broadway hit Golden Boy in 1964. Later she began a recording career with frank Sinatra’s label.


Before winning a Golden Globe in America in 1970 for The Liberation of LB Jones, Lola was a sensation in Italy. She spoke fluent Italian. There she was known as the “Black Venus.”


In every sense of the words, Lola was a fighter and trailblazer. She was the first African American to model for a cosmetic line not geared toward African Americans. In 1987 she was downed my multiple sclerosis which paralyzed her on one side. She fought her way back through faith and prayer. She has since devoted her life to God.


WOW! Who knew I had so much in common with Lola Falana, aside from the BIG hair, of course.

Read more about Lola HERE


6 thoughts on “Lola Falana and Me

  1. This is kinda’ jacked up but you know what I think of everytime I think of Lola Falana? That Barry Mannilow song…”Her name was Lola….Lo-la Fa-lana…”
    Not even sure if those are the right lyrics but that’s what always comes to mind…lol!

  2. I know…we used to change the lyrics around when I was younger. I think it was probably my uncle who originated it because he had a crush on her

  3. Lola Falana was a walking dream of beauty and dazzling delight, of course I was 15 at the time.

  4. Lola Falana was a walking dream of beauty and dazzling delight, of course I was 15 at the time.

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