Confessions of a Serial Crusher


I admit it. I am a recovering serial crusher. Meaning, I have had serious crushes on TV/Movie stars over the years. I was always monogamous, ending one crush before beginning another.

After I ended my one-sided love affair with Kadeem Hardison from A Different World (I know, I know. I have a thing for intelligent guys or guys who play intelligent guys on TV). I soon divulged into my next affair. Gary Dourdin.

Back in the day, he played the character Shazza Zulu from 1991-1992 on, of course, A Different World. Oh, how I envied Freddy. LOL

Anywho, fast forward to 2003 and my boo is Warwick on CSI. The number one show in America at one time. So, I was truly heart broken to find that Gary was arrested last Monday on possession of narcotics and dangerous drugs, according to police.

Lawd, say it ain’t so.

Drugs are bad. I have never done them, nor have been tempted to do them. It is a mystery to me why anyone would opt for being a crack-head, but I digress. I am truly heart broken.

I should condemn him. I should say he is getting what he deserves, because drugs are wrong. He is a role model. Yada, yada, yada.Garydourdan019ft_2  But I can’t. He is too darn cute.

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