D’Angelo and Lauryn Hill

D_angelo The year was 1995. I was beginning undergrad and everything was truly a brave new world to me. I was raised in a strict Church of God in Christ household where no secular music was even played. When I came of age, I really could not stomach the popular music that was out. I still primarily listened to gospel.

Back to 1995, I enter college and neo-soul is all the rage. We were intellectual and pop R&B was so beneath us. Enters D’Angelo. Words cannot express how crazy my roomates were over this dude. I kinda liked his style. His harmonies and organ instrumentation was reminiscent of the gospel I grew up on.


The year is 1998. Lauryn Hill from Fugees fame enters the music stratosphere and takes over. I LOVED The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. It was true soul music with a 90’s kick. Plus she represented beauty au natural. Everytime I see a new artist hit the scene with four feet blond hair extensions I cringe. My inner soul diva cries, "What would Lauryn do?"

Unfortunately, each of these artists has fallen on hard times, but I still have hope that the glory days of quality music will return.

One thought on “D’Angelo and Lauryn Hill

  1. As much as I liked both of them, there are some artists out there that are representing for the neo-soul sound. Jill Scott, John Legend and Musiq Soulchild just to mention a few.
    I hate to admit it, but I’m thinking Lauryn Hill’s best days may be behind her. I don’t think she will ever be able to come close to the brilliance of “The Mis-Educaton of Lauryn Hill”.

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