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What’s with men and the crazy eyes.

That’s what I call it when a guy just stares at me, like really glaring. Is it some attempt at hypnosis? Please will some male explain this to me.

There is nothing creepier than a stranger staring, bug-eyed,unflinchingly at you. I was in the grocery store when a strange man spots me. He stops and stares until I walk past him all the while staring with the "crazy eye," no hello, just "crazy". I have been in this predicament before, so I at all costs, DO NOT make eye contact, all the while praying I don’t run into the freezer.

The opposite of the "crazy eyes" is the "stare and turn." I was in class last night and a guy kept staring at me, when I would look his way, he would snap his head around as if he were not. I mean take a picture already.

I must admit, I don’t mind the "stare and turn" as much as "the crazy eye". It actually made me feel really good to have captured this guy’s attention for two hours. Plus he was cute. I didn’t stare, though. Wouldn’t want him to think I had the crazy eye.

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