Sex In The City

I have never seen an episode. I was NEVER interested in the characters. Yet, I can’t wait until it comes out. Why? Because they have enlisted, fellow Chicagoan, Jennifer Hudson. I know, I know, they got me.

3 thoughts on “Sex In The City

  1. I actually watched this series CONSTANTLY. I didn’t see it from Day 1, but I came in about the third season or so and started following it. Despite the fact they rarely had any Black folks on there, it was a pretty good show. Maybe them casting J-Hud is their attempt to rectify that mistake. Even though she is being cast as an assistant. I guess it’s the thought that counts tho.

  2. I watched the show religiously from the first season. The writing was solid. The Sex and the City take on relationships was often hilarious and at times touching. You should catch the reruns. And yes Stan I agree that the addition of Jenn Hudson was the extra something to bring out Black women. My girlfriends and I are going to go check it out this weekend. We would have even without Jenn Hudson.

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