The Braxton Family Values – I May Be Losing Faith

As you know, I gave up "The Cable." The sky did not fall just my monthly expenditures.

Aren't I clever? You know the sky falling but my expenditures are . . . nevermind.

Every Friday, I would search my internet for the episodes of Braxton Family Values – the one reality show that I kept on rotation. Then I watched the reunion show hosted by Wendy Williams today.

I am am convinced that reality TV is the devil!

My favorite characters – Trina, Towanda, Traci, Tamar, Miss E and Toni B – are super funny but each chick has a quote or unintelligible word phrase that must be repeated. I get it. It is all a part of branding, but do we all have to be reduced to a, "what you talkin' bout Willis?" statement. Yes, Tamar Braxton actually uses this phrase.

Ugh, why must I be so analytical? Why can't I just enjoy mindless entertainment?

Darn it, I'm educated. I have the bill to prove it. That's why.


I think the Braxton sisters need an intervention – positive energy. We nerds know that without the input of energy things tend toward disorder. This show may be unraveling and I need this show. I can't go back to scripted TV. I just cannot!

How about showcasing what these women are accomplishing now that they have the spotlight? Toni Braxton is still a superstar. Tamar and Vince have a spin-off show. I have got some great ideas for the rest of the cast.

Trina can go on tour. Towanda can take an acting class. Traci can do everybody's hair.  Miss E can hand out bible verses and peppermint candy. Just kidding. Ms. E is superduper fabulous. I love her!

Now how difficult was that WeTv?

On the positive side, the girls looked fabulous and Trina's hair was EVERYTHING to me. *cue Monica singing* After all, this is why I watch. Where else can you see women of color, going to fab parties, wearing the latest fashion, spending exorbitant amounts of money on shoes with red bottoms and hobnobbing with a superstar sister?

I will allow myself to feel intellectually superior to other reality tv junkies who devour lessor quality shows like the Kardashians or Real Housewives of wherever they call women who are not married housewives as I wait patiently for next season to get my full of Braxton Family Values.

Hypocitical much? Don't judge me! lol

4 thoughts on “The Braxton Family Values – I May Be Losing Faith

  1. I thought about losing cable, too, but I got this 40… (Now I know everyone pictured 40 ounces of low-grade ale wrapped up in a twist-tight brown paper bag, but what I really mean is I don’t want a 40″ T.V. to go to waste!!!) However, low or no T.V. multiplies time 4-fold (which is a totally arbitrary estimate; it could be much more or much less).
    I don’t know which one in the picture is Trina so, uh, is the hair her own? Because otherwise, it’s not worth the mention. (I’m old school and come from a generation that considered wig wearing an act of total desperation.
    Lord, I feel elderly!!!

  2. Yo Chris, welcome to the site!
    Trina is in the red ress with the mohawk. As for the hair, if you can’t achieve it, weave it!
    I do feel like my TV is a waste of space but even a Shamwow looks better on 40 inches. lol

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