I wake up in the morning, pray, and grab my phone. I read a scripture or online devotional and then, I check my notifications. I may be a just a bit addicted to social media. Pray for me.

I am swiping up, in the Twitter app this morning and I see the hashtag #whyIwrite. I suppressed the urge to shoot off a quick 140 characters to hop on the trend. I thought, this will require some introspection.

Writing my debut novel was a lot like giving birth, cliche as it may sound. I felt I had the story that had been building in me for years. I was swollen with characters, plots, and exposition. The stories of the myriad of women and men I have encountered through life provided DNA segments building the unique personality of each character. I had begun the Ruth’s Awakening: A Love Story nearly a decade before. The idea, the dna, all brought together in the love making created a life that built up inside my mind. I just had to bring it forth.

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Everyone always asks, when is part two. The truth is, I have allowed life to distract me from the art of love. Love is action. Love is deliberate. I am learning to write as a discipline. It is my passion. Some days, I am so wiped out, I do not feel the burning in my soul. It is like a marriage that way. I guess. I have never been married. But, I have read that you must choose to love your spouse even when do not feel like it.

My fingers are vessels carrying my thoughts to the keyboard. Words and writing – love in the making. Love making. There I go again.

So, why do I write? I write for love.

6 thoughts on “#whyIwrite

  1. You are such a wonderful writer and from day 1 I always said your gift of storytelling will take you beyond your wildest dreams. As for me, I love all things creative.. writing, singing, acting, performing etc. But it was just a few months ago that I tapped into what made me feel MOST alive and that is acting on camera. It is everything. And why do we run away from our Love?????? It’s time for us to both dive all the way in.

  2. Well I for one really enjoy your writing so I am thrilled you write for love. It’s a lovely thing to write for 🙂 I write because it brings me joy, and it is a skill I would like to enhance. I want my writing to bring enjoyment to others.

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