A Writer’s Burden

To create; to retell; to represent the history of a people in literary form. The self-ordained griot.

Life is full of amazing encounters and unbelievable heartbreak. The writer writes. 

The man I loved married someone else. A story is born. 

The one who should love me the most, betrayed me. Sounds like a plot line. 

I must forgive the one who has never apologized. This is good stuff!

The burden: How real should I make it? What if people think that I am really writing about me? What if someone mistakenly thinks I am writing about them? 

Type the words. 

Everyday strangers sit across from each other at church with only a timid smile and wave between them. What if one of them actually says hello? Ensue rising actions, climax and 'happily ever after' or not.

I give the character courage and dialogue. The 'what-ifs' are brought to life. And so, I write. 

I hope someone finds liberation in seeing their untold story play out in black and white. 

The prom date that never was. The crush that did not notice. The loneliness of doing the 'right thing'. This time there is a second act. 

Romance. Heartbreak. Faith. Dreams. Second chances. It is all on the page and out of the heart. 

My novella has gone into the editing phase. I am really excited. In truth, I am sharing my story with someone for the first time. I cannot wait to share it with the world. 

Until then. . . Once upon a time. . .

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