He Has His Hand On You

A well-written gospel song does the spirit good. Some things you go through, you go alone. There does not seem anyone who can understand what you are feeling but you have to get it out.

Sing a song.

My vocal coach would always spend the first few minutes of our lesson chatting it up. She would ask how I was feeling and how my day went. Her reasoning being, singing comes from within you. It is a part of you that you are releasing into the world. If you are having a bad day or stressed out, it will affect the song.

I have often wondered why all of the good love songs are sad ones. Toni Braxton's Secrets got me through my first heartbreak. Talk about your sad love songs. The song is a vehicle. It carries our emotions from that place deep inside that no one else touches/sees and releases it out into the world. Gospel songs does one better, for we release the song to God.

I am listening to Marvin Sapp sing the words to, "He Has His Hand On You" and I allow the words to carry the emotions to God. A song can be a cry, a prayer, or a whatever-you-need-it-to-be. As the song ends, I feel better reassured that no matter what I am currently experiencing, I am in the palm of His hands. I know that when I feel unloved, I just remember that I am in God's hands and God is love. Love literally holds me.

I know this is a sappy (no pun intended) post but sometimes you gotta get the sap out lol.


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