The New Adventure: Acting

When I first started this blog, I was new to Dallas and everything was a new adventure. I embarked bravely on new tasks, journeys, and experiences – and I wrote about them. People visited the blog, commented and we were all the better for it. Until one day, I woke up and I was no longer new to Dallas. I was settled in Dallas, just like flat soda – no fizz and no movement.

I had another birthday recently. I spent it packing to move to another apartment without plumbing issues. Exciting right? NOT! I decided enough is enough. I need the fun back in my life. I had not tried anything new in so long.

Today I begin acting lessons. I wanted to before but could not fit it into my work schedule or budget. A wonderful thing happened called a flex-schedule that gave me Mondays off. I got a raise that gave me the finances. I had another birthday that gave me the catalyst. I also am taking vocal lessons again with my Praise and Worship team at church. God has a way of arranging my world to give me the desires of my heart.

In third grade, I was in an after school program. We were supposed to do a play. I practiced and practiced. The teacher decided that we did not have enough time to finish and tabled the idea. Lo and behold, the next year that teacher performed the play. I watched while some other kid sang my song and read my part.

Fast forward to now and I am taking my turn. I have the opportunity to play my part and sing my song. I have this wonderful blog to write about it. I hope people will read it and comment once again.



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