The Year of the Fe. The Year of Me.

In a few hours I will be another year older and I am . . .excited!

Months ago, I testified to a couple of friends that I did not want to be single going into this new age. I embarked upon fruitless endeavors to garner the affections of a beau. I entertained a relationship with someone that had red flags all over the yellow brick road I was wandering. I finally tripped and bumped some sense into my head, lol.


Anywho. Instead of facing the year with the trepidation of being single, I am excited about being me. I am a God-fearing, fun-loving, happy person. I have a wonderful family and genuine friends who love me. I am healthy and strong. Above all, I am grateful.

Come on tomorrow. If God be willing and I awake, I will welcome you with a kiss. Single or not I am the wonderful Fe and she is a wonderful me.

I thought of how to celebrate my birthday – have a party, go out on the town? I decided to treat myself to a dream unfulfilled. I will be taking acting lessons. Who knows? This year I may just end up on that big screen after all.

Keep reading to find out.

Happy Birthday to me!


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