Balcony Garden – Early Girl Tomatoes Update

O.M.Bananas. I was getting down about my little tomato plant. I planted them April 21st and two weeks later I saw the first flowers. Then yellow spots appeared on the leaves and the flowers fell off. A friend suggested that I start talking to my early girls and I begged then to grow lol. Today a full four weeks since planting, I looked to where the flowers had been and NOTHING.

I grew a bit despondent and started to examine the vine to see if I could determine what was wrong. Low and behold, that is when I saw them. The beginnings of my first fruits!


Plant the seed, water it and God gives the increase. (1 Corinthians 3:6) And to think I almost missed it focusing on the flowers that I had lost when right on the other side of my plant were my first fruits!


Look at God!

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