Stream Of Consciousness

I attempted the stream of consciousness thing several months ago, click here if you missed it.

Here I go again:

I was sick for two days  felt the worst and got the best sleep I have had in months. Oh the irony. 

I sometimes think about someone a lot who who may or may  not be thinking of me.

I have mustard seeds of faith just have to plant them in Word to watch them grow. *Cha, cha chia!*

I once dated a guy for less than 10 minutes. He tried to kiss me and it all just fell apart. Don't judge me.

The smell right before it rains takes my breath away. I drove with the windows down thinking this moment is the sweetest piece of heaven.

That moment was fleeting.

I always do better the second time around.

Sometimes there are no second chances. Sometimes there are thirds.

Three children seems like a nice round number. I want the whole enchilada – husband, kids, house, and vacays in Hawaii, Paris and Milan.

Judge ye not that ye be not judged.Bible

Love lest ye be not loved. Me.

I torment myself with the what ifs when what's now is not so bad. What if I didn't do that anymore? 

I am still learning.


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