I Truly Hate Walmart

Against my better judgement, I decided to go to the Walmart store in my neighborhood in an attempt to save money.

Big Mistake!

Crazy lady in the parking lot passes a park, stops and proceeds to backup. One problem – I am sitting behind her with a truck behind me.

So I blow my horn politely. She stops and proceeds to backup. I blow my horn twice. She stops and proceeds to backup. So I start blowing my horn like a mad woman. This 50-ish woman jumps out of her truck and waves her hands while yelling, "Backup."

So, I say calmly, "I can't someone is behind me."

"Well all of you need to back up, cause I'm getting this park."

During her maniacal ranting a park opens up ahead of her. She pulls in.

I park go into the Walmart and there are more crazy, disheveled people. It is crowded. People are stopping in the middle of the aisle. The lines are super long. The people look like they had rolled out of the bed and decided to come to Walmart.

It was like an episode of the Walking Dead.

I just cannot stand it any longer.

I put my cart back and head to civilization – the Target.

I hate Walmart.

2 thoughts on “I Truly Hate Walmart

  1. Ok, u no how I feel about walmart but I ended up there last weekend and the experience was actually enjoyable. I was with some good company : )
    I think that made the difference. He hates walmart to but if can made walmart enjoyable. He might be a keeper.

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