Ok. I Lied About Going Out

In the last post I stated that the next man that asked me out I would say yes to.


I swear he next guys came up to me at work lying like we had met before and the State Fair. This line probably would have worked on a native Dallas gal because almost everyone goes to the State Fair BUT I did not.

Dude looked about forty-five and was wearing a white chef's uniform. Like, really, dude you look like Chef Boy-Ar Dee.

I work where most of the people who come are unemployed. So, his focus should have been on other things.

Plus he seemed a lil' special if you know what I mean.

I had to tell him no three times and then finally just walk away.


This other guys I work with is always stopping me at the most inopportune times to strike up a conversation. Last Friday, he asks if I would go workout with him out of the blue when I am racing to get to my car to beat the rush hour traffic. I'm like dude you couldn't think to ask me this earlier. So, Monday comes and I conveniently forget to bring my workout clothes and he conveniently forget that he asks me. So this Friday comes and as I am again racing out of the door he yells so Monday the power class. I am like um yeah but really um, NO!

OAN: I am completing my application to become a mentor at one of the high schools. If this job has taught me one thing, these young girls need a positive female role model who doesn't have ANY baby daddies!

Girls, really, JUST SAY NO TO  D_ _ _ _ and DRUGS! lol

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