Red Lipstick Strikes Again!

When will I ever learn?

I found this lipstick called Red Revival, a fitting moniker given my first red lipstick experience at church. Remember that? 

Well, I was feeling brave today and brought out Red Revival. I added a lip gloss called Diamond and BOOM!

I was hit on, ogled, all day. Like, seriously. I thought, am I someone else or somewhere else different from just yesterday. Then I remembered the lipstick. Yes, the red lipstick had struck again.

Best part of the day was a guy who I am kind of liking stopped me to have a little tete-a-tete. Could it truly be the power of the red?

I confessed my secret to a friend who decided it was my added confidence that was bringing on this new influx of attention but nay I know what a little red can do. It can transform.

Guess what I am wearing tomorrow? lol

2 thoughts on “Red Lipstick Strikes Again!

  1. Red is a very big attention getter. I’ll bet it looks real nice on you because you’re a cutie pie. How’s that flower workin’ for you?


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