An Organized House Equals An Organized Mind

For weeks I have been discombobulated. Yes, I have actually found context in which to use the word discombobulated.

I have been fretting over decisions about work, love, life!  As I stared discontent into space, I noticed the boxes still packed from my January move and thought – enough.


I spent the entire weekend organizing my room from the closet to the jewelry on my dresser. I can truthfully say that as I threw away trash and placed things in their proper place, my mind cleared.

I still have the rest of the house to go but my room is where I rest and recuperate.

Without focusing on the mess, I could see my own feelings clearer and why I felt a certain way about things. What I have learned:

1. It isn't Dallas that is making me anxious it's being/feeling lonely.

2. I am feeling lonely because I have not visited home in over a year, yikes!

3. I am feeling very disconnected with friends. One moved back to KC and others have other stuff going on I guess.

4. People MAKE time for the things and people that are important to them. *see above*

5. I need to date. Like for real.

6. I need to control my diet better and exercise more routinely.

6. I need to re-focus on my dreams and what brought me to Dallas in the first place.

All of this time, I have been bamboozled into thinking that I was frustrated with Dallas and needed to move. I am not ruling out a move if the opportunity presents itself but I have started to build a network here. I am not ready to forfeit just yet.

. . .and YES I have found context in which to use the word bamboozled! lol

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