Ten Best and Worst Moments of 2010

If you are a loyal reader of this blog then you can probably guess my list. I will give it a go anyway. Got the idea from a blog friend, Sincerely.

Best Moments of 2010

10. My Audition – Conquered a fear and had a blast. Did not get the part but it felt good all the  same.

9. Bionic Lashes – Found out how accenting one small part can have an gigantic effect on confidence.

8. My Adult Crush – I confessed years ago that I was a Serial Crusher. I thought I was in recovery until cute Puerto Rican guy came into my life. It was cute while it lasted.

7. The flower in my hair. Totally related to #8.

6. Susan G. Komen 5k Walk/Run for the Cure. Did it! Awesome! Here's hoping there is a cure soon.

5. My Niece and nephew visiting me for the summer. We had a blast. Looking forward to next summer.

4.  Graduation – It was such a long time coming. My family came to visit and everything. The first time they had been to see me since my 3 years being here. Had a blast.

3. Getting a job after being laid off.

2. Not losing anyone or anything this year!

1. My sister having a bouncing baby boy after being told she could never have children.

It goes without saying that I am happy to be alive, for my family and friends and my readers. I love you guys. I am happy to know God who gives me the confidence to face any year with assurance and peace.

Worst Moments of 2010

After writing my 10 best moments, I am feeling to grateful to write a 10 worst moments. So tell me your best or worst moments of 2010.

3 thoughts on “Ten Best and Worst Moments of 2010

  1. I’m at an age where I now have great-great nephews and nieces. I Had such a fun time taking my great-great nephews Jared and Christopher and my great-great niece Tayler to go see Ironman II last spring. We had popcorn, 7-Up, M&M’s, nachos. After, we went to a nearby ColdStone for some ice cream. Toytal price was $85, but I enjoyed them so much. Back in June, I enjoyed watching my other great-great niece Tammy graduate from high school with honors. Another joyous occassion was when my wife finally retired.
    For this year I hope tp drop some weight.


  2. Not sure if you’ve heard but we are relaunching OSF. We also have a new blog where you can see what’s going and sign-up for each theme. Hope you can participate and network with us.


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