Eat the Cake Anna Mae! Ok, Not So Much Cake Anna Mae

I really need to stop judging people based off of small actions. However, I find it annoying when people behave like greedy hoarders.

I had an extra cake left over from an event so I decided to take it in to work. After everyone in my department had eaten their fill, I invited some peole from another department to have the rest of the cake.

Why did Anna Mae Bulluck, go grab like two extra slices of cake, before the others could get some. I mean like really thick 3 inches across slabs. Now don't get me wrong. I am not watching what people eat if I invite them to dinner. Eat until your head explodes for all I care. I just though this was an odd behavior – for an adult.

What does it all mean? Maybe Anna just really likes cake. *shrugs shoulders*

Not that this has anything to do with a real person, it actually does, but would you date someone 8 years your junior? Would you hang out with him? Would you go to his church if he invited you?

Just questions? No, really, would you? lol

5 thoughts on “Eat the Cake Anna Mae! Ok, Not So Much Cake Anna Mae

  1. I know what ya mean. When I was still working ( I’m now retired ), we would have a pot-luck lunch for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. Every year, with out fail, somebody would try and sneak off with a ham, a cake, a pie, the mac-and-cheese, or something. And it wasn’t only the women. A few times a man was caught trying to carry off one of the bottles of liquor. I never could understand it.

  2. LOL @ Anne Mae. As far as dating someone 8 years my junior. Only if he’s over twenty five….MAYBE! Let’s see, I’m 33 and he’s 25…ok, maybe not. lol!

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