Happy Valentine’s Day!



From my heart to yours 🙂

One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend. It started on friday when I went to a high school basketball agme. I went to that game because my great niece is a cheerleader and she wanted me to see her cheerlead. Then on saturday, at 10 in the morning, my wife and I went on a bus ride up to Santa Barbara, with a buch of other alumni, to see my alma mater play basketball against those nerds from U.C. Santa Barbara. Because I guessed the arrival time correctly (I said 12:30 on the dot), I won $25. We then got off the bus and had lunch at a Mexican place called “El Paseo”. Then it was off to the game… we lost 64 to 62. Sunday morning we went out to breakfast. That night we went out to a dinner and dance party. We danced ’til midnight. How does that sound? Romantic?

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