13 thoughts on “Black Women Being Unmarried is Now National News

  1. C’mon.. you know you want to 😉
    But in all seriousness, how old are these stories getting? In reality, black women are a very small percentage of the population-especially in comparison to how many single men there are out there. What something like this does is just make black women seem like an inferior choice for a mate-which is not only untrue, but also damaging. Shame on you NightLine.


  2. Welcome to post-racial America. LOL I think Nightline just wanted to set the blogs ablaze. Little do they knwo Oprah did this topic already months ago.
    Black women are single because we (actually all women) are conditioned to believe this Prince Charming fantasy. Some dashing knight is gonna come and rescue you from all of your financial, emotional, and physical stress. Some women turn away good guys looking for ths mythical man. He does exist – in your dreams!


  3. Yeah I saw this at MrsSadditys spot too. It’s crazy…I don’t think when black women say ” I’m gonna get me a white man” they mean it in an a aggressive-desperate kinda way…ahhh*puts hand on head*


  4. I’m kinda stuck in the middle on this one. Some women can be a little too picky… he has to be a certain height, weight, employed in a particular profession, make a 6 figure income, yada, yada, yada. Yet, you don’t want a totally irresposible jerk either. I just don’t know.
    Ms. TZA, and everyone else, please have a very Happy New Year. If you’re gonna go out to party, please take care and be safe.


  5. Hey Kristin:
    got this video from your site and forgot to cite you as my original source of the info. My bad!
    You are correct. Oh, I am trying to forgive Soledad O’brien and FORGET Black in America!


  6. I’ve been occupied at another site going back-and-forth with a bunch of jerks who say that Obama has failed to deliver on his promises. What they don’t realize is how every Republican there is takes every opportunity to block everything he wants to do. Example: let’s take this bomber incident on Christmas day. At present, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration, which is a part of ther Dept. of Homeland Security) is without a director. As a result, because there’s nobody to put their foot in their rear end, airports have become lax about security. Here’s the crux of what I’m getting at… to head the TSA, Obama has nominated Errol Southers. Southers is currently head of security here at the Los Angeles International Airport and a former FBI agent; he is well qualified. But Republicans, in particular Jim DeMint (Republican-S. Car.), have blocked that nomination. Do you know why? Because Southers is in favor of allowing all airport security personnel to form a union! A union! That’s why Republicans don’t like this man! And these buffoons I’m going round and round with don’t understand this… how this situation, no one to head the TSA, has added to the lax security at our airports.
    Let me know if you’d like to go to the site I’m referring to.
    Happy New Year to all.


  7. “I need to find out where they make the Boris Kodoe’s of the world and put one on lay-a-way!!! LOL”
    Hey, I’ve been looking for a similar place where they keep the Kerry Washington’s of the world. I haven’t found it yet though!
    Happy New Year to you and yours too


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