Things That Make Me Wish I Had A Man

I am a happy single girl. Really, I am. . . BUT there are certain situations in life that make me see the benefits in being married or at least booed up.

Consider today.

I left my phone at home. I was not sure if I had lost it so when I noticed it was gone, I went to the parking lot to look through my car. Well, apparently, I left the light on because when I tried to start it to go home. . .NOTHING!!!!!!


The guy who I work with gave me a jump from one of the company owned vehicles. He was so helpful and knowledgeable that I had a  I wish I had a man moment. LOL

I went to visit a friend who is recovering from surgery. She is a newlywed. Her husband was there sitting on the floor staring up at her while I was there and I had it again – that darn, I wish I had a man,  moment.

So folks here is my list of times when single just ain't that fun:

  1. Times when I am broke and something needs to be fixed.
  2. Car trouble.
  3. It's cold and the garbage needs to taken out.
  4. Every month when I pay rent and bills.
  5. Times when I hear about an event friends (married) have attended but have conveniently NOT told me about. Then everyone has the look of,  Oh, crap why did I just say we did that and she didn't go.
  6. When friends suggest that you sign-up to online dating sites – THIS REALLY HAPPENED!!!
  7. I have something really interesting happen, I get home and there is no one to tell.
  8. I have 3 people in less than one month announce their engagements – THIS REALLY HAPPENED, TOO!!
  9. I read facebook and realize I am the only childless, husband-less friend on my list. Almost.
  10. When I am up writing blog posts instead of snuggling with the one I love.

What is your list? Leave in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Wish I Had A Man

  1. Whenever I hear my roommate and her boyfriend laughing and talking to each other in the next room…*sigh* if only the walls in my apartment weren’t so thin, I could be spared the reminder that I don’t have a man.

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