The Maxwell Concert in Dallas. . .


Must rib a friend who has twice chosen tickets in the NOSE BLEED section of venues but once the music started all was forgiven.

Chrisette Michelle started off. Her voice is amazing. I like her songs. She needed more stage presence but the opening act usually gets no love. She could not use the large screens so she was a tiny dot from our seats. LOL

Common was up next. He seemed to do like a million sings but he was good. I was never interested in seeing a rap artist live. I mean all they do is hop around and say what? Common was very audible. I could understand his words and he is cute. I could actually see him because he was able to use two of the screens.

Airpline Ride 100

Next up MAXWELL.

The first words out of my mouth were. My GAWD! LOL

I was not prepared for all the sexiness at once. lol

And that VOICE. He has come along way from that skinny dude in the shiny pants circa 1996. I still remember that.. .but I miss the hair 🙁

I appreciate that Maxwell seemed to be really enjoying himself and the crowd. He also gave an encore performance of Ascension. (I think that was the song) He came back again just to thank the crowd, introduce the band, and thank the crowd again.

I have only been to gospel concerts except for an Isley Brothers on back in the day. This show was really good.

I know fellow blogger Jazzy was there. I would love to hear her perspective.

2 thoughts on “The Maxwell Concert in Dallas. . .

  1. Hey Taula,
    This concert was so different from the one I saw with him 8years prior. 8 years ago Maxwell and Angie Stone played at the NOKIA. I thought booking the AA was ambitious but it paid off he sold out. Maxwell looked great and sounded even better. The big difference I noticed in his performance was that he has decided to embrace his sex appeal (and embrace he did). I loved Common’s set LOVED IT it was a great trip down memory lane. I am not opposed to hiphop concerts I would love to see LL COOL J. The concert was over much too soon and I hope he never decides to take another 8 year hiatus.
    Some other random things I noticed and liked:
    Maxwell and his band embraced the crowd I liked the way they would just pop up across the floor seating. The horns were amazing the guitarist as well. The back up lady singer had a great voice but was it just me or did she have a really strong face?!
    The lighting was on point the color changes were great and I loved the floating feathers at the end.

  2. The lighting effects were crisp and clean. I loved the new swagga Maxwell has. Maybe it was the hair cut.
    He really seemed to enjoy the crowd. He seemed really humble and grateful.
    I always liked Maxwell but that concert had me seeing real star quality in the man.
    I read elsewhere that he was battling a cold but I could not tell. His notrs were flawless!

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