The Early 90’s – My Refusal to Move On

I came of age in the early 90s. That is when I developed my taste in music, movies, men, you name it.

That said, I just don't get today's pop culture. I would rather listen to old SWV, Escape, En Vogue than Destiny's Child. I am still a Mariah Carey stan and she has not sounded good since Music Box.

Whitney Houston will always be the reigning pop diva to me. Beyonce who?

Anyone remember Jodeci boots?

Maybe I am getting old and cantankerous. I don't know. I JUST DON"T GET IT.

What's with this new character Drake? Why is everyone so hyped about him? Who can understand a word Lil' Wayne is saying. Did you hear he has to girls pregnant at the same time; Lauren London (actress, ATL) and singer Nivea. Really, Lil' Wayne got it like that?

I am protesting. I refuse to move on from the 90's. I am looking forward to the En Vogue reunion tour. Denzel Washington will always be that dude. Whitney Houston can STILL make a comeback. Darn it, I believe!! I believe!! As a matter of fact, from heretofore, I will only use slang of that time period.

This fly girl, tender roni will stay chillin' at the crib while ya'll are illin' on these new school unoriginals. The old school is all that and a bag of chips. Living Single was the BOMB. It's my prerogative to be to legit to quit. My love for the 90s is crucial, CRUCIAL!

Did I miss anything? LOL What are your favorite things from the 90s?

2 thoughts on “The Early 90’s – My Refusal to Move On

  1. Love the slang…My favorite thing about the 90’s is me finally getting some boobs….LOL

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