Where Are All of the Good Mothers?

Two types of fears kept me from doing stuff like this. One is the fear of God, the other is the fear of my mother. I won't tell you who I feared more but suffice it to say, it kept me from doing stupid crap like this.

Which brings me to my current rant o' the day - MySpace. Why has then become soft porn central for REALLY YOUNG girls to display hoe exhibitionist tendencies?


Got this over at Brown Sista

The most disturbing of all is the little baby lying neglected at the edge of the bed in lower left hand corner of this photo.  

I could blame the media, music videos, fashion, etc, but I really have to go back to, Where are all of the good mothers?

Am I being too judgmental?


4 thoughts on “Where Are All of the Good Mothers?

  1. I’m sorry I can’t stop laughing…LMAO for real…so sad…ROTFL…so so sad…ROTFL

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