T. D. Jakes Home Explosion and Survival

I am not sure if many of you know this but I attend The Potter's House. I was sitting in church two Sundays ago expecting to hear Bishop Jakes preach a sermon when he was spliced in over the loud speakers. There had been an explosion in the sunroom of his home that demolished part of his house but he and his family were miraculously spared.

By now, it has been well documented and reported that a gas explosion in the sun room of my home occurred early that morning and completely devastated that entire portion of my house. The damage went beyond the room and included many other areas of my house. The ironic part for some, but providential aspect to those of us who are believers, is the fact that God led me to cancel a meeting that morning that would have placed me in that room at exactly the time of the explosion. Whew! God is so faithful! SOURCE

I know I have a readership with differing values but it's stories like these that reinforce my faith. This miracle, among others in my own life, solidifies for me that God is real, He still performs miracles and He is ALWAYS looking out for His children.

The question is, when God warns us, are WE listening?

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  1. I thank and praise the Lord for Bishop Jakes and his family. Let me tell you something, sweetheart. Yesterday I went to have a colonoscopy done. No polyps or colon cancer was found. Praise the Lord, thank you Jesus! I was not nervous or afraid. I know in my heart and soul that when it comes time for Smooth Thug to leave this life, it won’t be because cancer took me out or because a heart attack got me, or a stroke, or any illness, or an accident. No! Nothing like that is going to happen to me. When I leave it’s because God came to take me home! Can I get a amen?

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