Group Hate

I have noticed a phenomenon I would like to term group hate. It's like a person, let's use celebrities, that everyone (media, public, etc.) decides is unlikable. Every mean vile and generallyunacceptable thing is then said and about the public pariah.

For example, Michael Vick. Okay we know he committed a crime against dogs,** insert moment of silence**, for which he was sentenced to 23-months. Let me emphasize that I know nothing about football and had no knowledge of who Michael Vick was prior to his arrest. I understand why he was arrested and he certainly deserved jail. You can't operate an illegal gambling ring and get away with it. BUT, he paid his debt to society yet some refuse to let the man live his life. God forbid he had married his adoptive stepchild.

Ohhh snap. I didn't just go there, right? Because Woody Allen did the most abominable thing I can imagine (allegedly) and he still makes movies, big stars still star in them and most people don't say boo about it.

Less, notorious is Star Jones. I have read the most vile things about her on the internet. REALLY vile. It is acceptable, why? She got a little diva on The View? God forbid she have a little confidence unlike another View co-star that shall remain nameless that puts her ignorance on display. This co-host is always expressing how "sho'nuff grateful" she is to be hosting. I like this host, btw, but that constant groveling kills me. 

Last, let me discuss MC Hammer. It has been over a decade since his bankruptcy but people still crack jokes, as if, they were not sporting Hammer pants circa 1990. MC Hammer has been making strides in the music biz behind the scenes yet people treat the brother like he is dancing for tips on the Subway.

He owns his own label Oaktown Records and has a show Hammertime to debut on Sundays on A&E.

I think this universally acceptable hate-fest is the modern day equivalent of a public hanging. People are angry and frustrated and need that scapegoat to vent their misdirected frustration on. Am I saying that it is not okay to dislike these people? No, hatersgonna hate. . .ballers gonna ball. . .lovers gonna love . . wait let me stop because we know R. Kelly is the artist we love to say we hate but secretly love.

I am saying that how long does the hate fest continue. When is someone who has fallen from grace allowed to regan their dignity. Even a public hanging has a finale. Too bad the subject doesn't get a comeback.

One thought on “Group Hate

  1. All Very True. Especially the part about Woody Allen. You couldn’t pay me to watch, let alone pay to see anything he touches, writes, directs, produces…..Just plan nasty. I’m shocked that Mia Farrow doesn’t daily go to his house and kick his ass. I feel like it and I’m not even involved.
    And you see that damn Soon-Yi never had any kids with him.

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