AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! and other STUFF!!!

I have spent literally all day working on technical issues with my beloved PC. My virus software was non-functional and that caused errors with my other virus software. All of this meant no computer use or internet with someone with two blogs, a twitter, eBay, and online classes.


There is a praise report in all of this. Read further.

So I take my laptop to Office Depot against my better judgment because they have this free PC checkup. I am worrying I have a virus and my identity is being swiped as I drive. I get there and this girl tries to help me.

Lord knows, I try not to be judgmental. Lord knows, I know that I am not perfect, BUT . . .

How am I supposed to take computer advise from someone with a quick-weave and gold teeth? Not tooth, TEETH. How do you even get a customer service job? For realz.

Like I said, I don't judge so I wait patiently for this girl to go through all of her scripts and whatnot. She tells me I have a million things wrong and that it will cost $150 bones to fix.

What the devil?

Sista, you may be right but the combo of hair and teeth are screaming, NOT AN EXPERT!!!!

For real, I was not trying to pay that, esp. when that's my exact budget for this class I am selling stuff on eBay to take.

Anyway, I come home and began to pray, Lord you are gonna have to help me figure this out. And listen people God answers prayer.

I literally spend hours running PC checks, manually restarting Windows Defender (new trick I learned today). I learned about open ports and whole lot of other stuff that maximized my PCs performance. All of this a by=product of my original dilemma.

Turns out my virus software was out-of-date. I just had to log-in on their website and download the newer version. Worked like a charm.

I still have my $150 in the bank.

Take that devil!

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