The Truth About Bullies

A few weeks ago, Oprah did a show about the two 11-year-old boys who killed themselves after relentless bullying. A guy on Twitter told me a distressing story of bullying making him drop out of school.

I thought long and hard about this – the cause and mentality of the children. I really think that emotional abuse and depression are real in children. Parents may not think in those terms in regards to children. They should.

Let me tell you a little story about a bully.

I skipped the 4th grade and landed in a 5th/6th grade split classroom. Needless to say, I was in a classroom with kids 2-3 years my senior. We sat in table if four desks arranged in a square. The girl who sat right next to me was a big bully. She was bigger than me and more popular. Sometimes she was nice, most times she was mean. Really mean.

Fast forward 13 or so years, I see this girl at the local laundry mat. I am with my nephew and we are laughing and having a good time. We recognize each other and chat a bit.

Time had not been kind to her. Although only two years older, she looked ten years older. Her face was weathered and she seemed really sad. I was overcome with a wave of sympathy for her.

My point is that nothing lasts forever. Life has a way of turning the tables and the odds just may slip in your favor.

Apparently, this girl (now woman) had stopped growing in the 6th grade. I now stood towering over her. I must admit a small part of me wanted to run up to her and smack the crap out of her but the God in me said no that would not be prudent. LOL

2 thoughts on “The Truth About Bullies

  1. So true about how the tables turn. Ran into a girl I couldn’t stand in my youth. Her teeth were all jacked up and she looked too tired. Story goes her boyfriend routinely beat her up so that explained the teeth.


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