The Random Thoughts Post

I am sooo my mother's daughter.

So my mother calls me to tell me she went to my sister's church, one she used to belong to way back in the day.

She tells me how this pastor hugs her and kisses her by the offering table. I'm guessing he really missed her. lol Then she says and I quote, "Well, I was looking pretty fly today."

ROTFL, Gosh I love my mommy. That is so something I would say.


I would lose soo much weight if I could get over my love affair with cheese.


Random things I see on my walking workout.

Squirrel Feeders

A little waterfall.


A gaggle(?) of ducks.


My workout partner decided to call after canceling on me Friday. She is off work and wants to walk in the morning. So you only wanna workout twice a week when you are off work. Mmkay, good luck with that.




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  1. Sunday night, 8:39 P.M.:
    A pretty good earthquake hit Los Angeles last night. It was centered along the Inglewood-Newport fault in the suburb of Inglewood just southwest of Los Angeles; Some minor damage was reported. Me and my wife were in bed, I was watching TV, she was asleep. She half way woke up and told me to be still and stop rocking the bed. LOL.

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