13 thoughts on “Michelle Obama and The Red Lipstick

  1. LOL Taula, I know exactly what you mean. Slender collarbones are very sexy especially in the right clothing. Congrats on the weight loss! With Jason, its funny I have only lost 8 pounds but I am back to wearing a size eight because I am increasing my muscle mass and decreasing my bodyfat. Its a really odd concept for me because I thought I would have to lose at least 20 lbs to get back into a six but if I keep to his program another 5 to six lbs and I should be back were I want to be.


  2. Taula, he is so worth it. I only use his internet program which believe it or not is only 40 bucks. You will like him, he is so encouraging. Keep up the good work you are doing great.


  3. She is so attractive to me. That red lipstick makes her mouth look so kissable and sexy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I have a high school boy crush on her. LOL.


  4. How do I really feel? Sorry Ms. TZA, but your site is a clean site oriented towards family entertainment. The only thing I will say about it is, OOooo, freaky deaky! LOL.


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