The Negative Thought Fast Is Still A Go

I believe this is week three my people.

Guess what? The NTF is having a physical side effect. I am losing weight.

Perhaps all the energy I have reserved not thinking negative is fueling my desire to exercise more. I have gained a workout partner but she only wants to workout on her days off. I can't wait around for other folk. Sometimes I just go alone.

I am down 18 lbs from my highest weight a couple months ago. Yeah!!!!

I was shouting out little praise affirmations as a walked my trail today.

"I am blessed." Step one and two.

"I am strong." Step one and two.

"I am healthy." Step one and two.

"I am fit." Step one and two.

I went on and on, feeling stronger with every step. Who is hanging in there with me?

Leave me your updates in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “The Negative Thought Fast Is Still A Go

  1. Ht a bump in the road on my negativity fast…The bump was called PMS. I am trying to get over this hill….

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