New Painting I Am Working On

I wanted to make a painting using only four colors. It started as a great idea but ended up as:






It is unfinished, of course, but I need to rescue it from this orange death. I was thinking about using white accents or maybe a bright green. Any budding artists out there who care to offer advice.

6 thoughts on “New Painting I Am Working On

  1. I notice how all that heat is giving the flowers a beatdown. Were you angry at something or someone when you were painting this?

  2. Smooth Thug,
    I was not angry. I don’t think. I really was trying out a few colors that began to overwhelm the canvas. I don’t know what I am going to do with it.

  3. From the picture looks like you have some done some rendering on the vase! Cool! So what is this oil? As odd as it may sound I may have thrown a dead flower in there…lol! I think it looks just fine! The orange works! I so need an easel but I can’t be toting all this stuff to Cali…I’ll just wait until I move!

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