What I Discovered During the Party

I did not get lost thanks to my trusty Garmin GPS and the good Lord. I really would have without it. There are so many winding highways and split roads on the way to South Dallas. Why are all the happening gig in South Dallas?


I really had fun. Sang Karaoke. Met some cool people. Everyone one was really chill.

**The "stanky leg" is a dumb, dumb dance. I refuse to EVER do it.**

Played Spades. I have not played Spades since I left Chicago two years ago. Oh, BTW won all games played. I don't know how those fools got suckered into believing a Chi-town girl did not know how to play Spades.


Celebrating somone's graduation gives me hope for my own. I know times are getting tougher but I know I can make it. With the help of the good Lord.

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