What I Discovered Before the Party

A chick can look fab on a budget!

I don't know how I forgot to make myself beautiful. I used to in undergrad. Since then I had grown accustomed to pedicures, eyebrow waxing, hairstylists (sometimes), new outfits. Nothing like a budget crunch to make you dust off some diva skills.

I was invited to a friend's graduation party, she just completed her MBA. I was seriously thinking about not going because I did not have the budget for all the extras to get fly. So I call my sister and she has no time to talk. Why? Because they are all getting ready for my brother-in-laws party. I thought what in the heck am I doing sitting around the house. I'm going out.

I perused the internet and found some good homemade ways to get your face right.

1. Homemade face mask – 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup of milk, 1 tsp of lemon juice

2. Under eye circles and puffiness – OMG this really works. 2 wet green tea bags

Mix oatmeal and milk, heat in microwave for about 20-30 seconds just to make mixture sticky. Add lemon juice to brighten dull skin. Rub on skin and let dry. Lay back and put the tea bags in place.

My skin was soooo soft and taut. My eyes were so relaxed and really "popped."

How I got my hair right. (Because it was a disaster in Mexico) Thank God for scarves.

1. Washed with moisturizing shampoo.

2. Clarify with warm water and lemon juice mixture.

3. Deep condition with 1 egg, 1 egg shell worth of olive oil, and 1/4 cup of almond milk. (I just had some leftover cause I can't drink it so I used in my hair concoction.) Lather on hair and wrap in Saran wrap. I place plastic bag on head and wait for 30 minutes. When you rinse use cool water or else the egg will cook and get stuck.

4. Style as usual.

I could not believe how rejuvinated I looked and felt without spending 1 dime! Did my own pedicure, plucked my own eyebrows, dusted off one of my old dresses that I always look good in and that was that.

4 thoughts on “What I Discovered Before the Party

  1. Getting dolled up couldn’t have been hard for you ’cause you’re already good looking.
    P.S.- go back to the Ham and Noah thing ’cause I left you another story from the Bible.

  2. Taula, thanks for the tip with the tea bags. I have functioned on 4-5 hours of sleep for the pass month and I think it is starting to show. I will be trying this home remedy

  3. Kristin:
    I read chamomile tea bags work as well. I just happened to have green tea. Its a combo of the water and antioxidants. Plus I got to lie back and relax while the mask hardened. You may want to lay a town down first if you decide to use the mask. The oatmeal can crumble when dry.

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