The Collage

1. Did any of you see Star Jones on Oprah? Has Star truly been humbled? IDK but she deserves a break. Celebrities have done far worse and have been forgiven.

Listen to her former co-hosts being catty and pretty mean:

2. I am in the midst of two final project, one due Monday the other Tuesday, hence the sparse postings. I will update a few before going on vacay.

3. Do black girls and red lipstick mix? I was over at Lyfe Symplified and she had a wonderful blog post about how wearing red lipstick affected her day.

I have had one experience with red lipstick. My cousin and I were on our way to church. My lips were chapped but the only thing I had in my purse was a red lipstick sample from the Avon my sister was selling. So I used it.

Apparently, my Jezebel makeup was so distracting a few of the older women had to tell me about it after church. Seriously.

I know I am cute but dang. Can red liptsick really cause riots? LOL

I don't know but I may have to try it out again just to see if I still got it.

4 thoughts on “The Collage

  1. I am with you on the “Red Lipstick” it looks really nice on women on all hughes. I have yet to find the one that I think looks nice on me.
    When you find a “red” or even a cosmetic line that you like let me know.

  2. As I’ve said before, those white broads couldn’t handle Star Jones. Red doesn’t look good on everybody; on Beyonce no, on Jennifer yes. And yes, Ms. TZA, you are a cutie pie.

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